About us

Yihua (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yihua Tech") has long been committed to the sales and promotion of electronic chips and infrared thermal imaging products. The sales department of Yihua Tech is located in the cutting-edge technology center of Shenzhen, and the R&D and production base is located in Kunming, known as the "Spring City" Yihua Tech closely cooperates with major universities and research institutes to develop and customize various security products for customers.

Our company mainly operates and sells brands: GOWIN full series, ZYMICRO full series, OLIGHTEK full series, RFMD, TEXAS WORKS XILINX, ADI ALTERA


The company adheres to the principle of achieving customers and improving itself, with the business philosophy of "honest service, seeking truth and innovation". Over the course of more than 10 years of development, based on serving customers, we continuously optimize the product supply chain, actively explore, keep up with the times, and carry the wave of new era technology. Our products are widely used in fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, robotics, VR applications, etc.